The World’s Greatest McLaren F1 Road Car

01st October 2017

The Golden Goose…

“For me, the McLaren F1 is the greatest car ever built, and when you consider its rarity, with only 64 road cars produced — and the fact that the younger generations desire one of these more than, say, a Ferrari 250 GTO — I have no doubt that it’ll overtake a GTO in value one day. When I first heard about chassis number 060, I couldn’t believe that a ‘new’ example was still in existence. However, after flying to Japan and meeting the first and only owner, I understood how he got pleasure from keeping it in its ‘as delivered’ condition, with all the factory protective wrapping still in place, and could resist the urge to drive it — appreciating it as a fine piece of art. I think the car will be bought by someone who wasn’t in a position to buy one when new and is now happy to pay the premium for the only ‘new’ example left, or by someone who will want to continue to preserve it ‘as delivered’ and get pleasure out of knowing they own the very best example of the greatest car ever built.”

Tom Hartley Jnr


With only 239 kilometres from new, which represents the McLaren pre-delivery test mileage, Chassis no. 060 is the lowest mileage F1 in existence. Not only never driven but never registered by the one and only owner and still in its factory protective wrapping. Furthermore it is totally complete with its leather-cased owners handbooks, the Facom tool chest, tool roll with its original gold-plated titanium tools, full luggage set still in factory protective wrapping, spare keys plus the ultra-rare commemorative TAG Heuer watch with the chassis number engraved on the face (completely unused). In addition the car was ordered new with special features such as a LM style spare exhaust, an additional GTR style steering wheel with F1 logo in the centre painted in matching exterior colour, passenger over-carpets and a windscreen strip, all of which have never been opened and still accompany the car. Other special order features include a removable steering wheel finished in suede, a carbon drivers seat with F1 logo, Yellow insert straps on the drivers seat and the hand-painted signature of F1 designer Gordon Murray on the rear right-hand side of the body. Without doubt this is one of the most important road cars ever to be offered for sale and if preserved is highly likely to be the most valuable road car in the world in years to come.

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