Monaco Historique Grand Prix 2022

13th - 15th May, 2022

The 13th edition of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix was a packed out weekend of iconic cars, period racing, plenty of champagne and a chance for us to welcome back some of our best clients and friends to join us in taking in all of the action at our favourite suite at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

There’re not many ways in which you can sum up an event like the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, as nothing else really comes close. The track is of course world-famous and has played host to the Grand Prix since 1929, but if you are fortunate enough to see modern F1 here today, you’ll agree it is somewhat different to what the Historic GP has to offer.

From pre-war machines to high-powered monsters of the 1980’s, the tobacco liveries and patina’d paintwork with more stories to tell than your grandmother and most importantly of all, the smell and the sounds. Straight away, you’re thrown back to an era when racing was at its purest. During this special weekend, the capital is a flood of energy, with the roaring of V12s and crackling of manual shifts as classic sports and F1 cars tear up the hills and otherwise residential streets.

Situated in our usual suite overlooking arguably the most famous hairpin in F1, we were more than happy soaking in all the action with a glass of champagne in hand and our all-you-can-eat buffet enjoyed with our clients, however Tom couldn’t quite hold in his desire to get out onto the tarmac himself.

After missing last year due to the dreaded Covid, we were glad to be in attendance and looking back, it was a truly valued weekend catching up with friends and clients whilst sharing what the Historic GP had to offer – and it may not be racing (at least not this year, anyway), but needless to say Tom did take the time to grace just some of the iconic corners in his Lamborghini Muira, albeit once the track walls had been lifted and the roads reopened – maybe we’ll see what he decides to get behind the wheel in next time. Hedge your bets now for a single-seater or a classic sports car!

The 2022 Monaco Historic Grand Prix leaves scrapings of aluminium and fiberglass against the walls of the circuit and the echo of cars that were driven much harder than their values would allude you to believe, but it also leaves something engrained on us, as we’re left pining for its next edition. It’s an event that awakens every sense and gets under the skin of every classic car enthusiast! Safe to say, we look forward to returning.