A day with Tom Hartley JNR

26th March 2015

Ace Africa continues to go from strength to strength and, is now regarded as a leading and award-wining organisation. Through 56 indigenous staff in Africa, engaging over 7,000 community volunteers, they have helped over 950,000 children and their communities.

Ace Africa is a Registered Non Governmental Organisation in Kenya, a Non Profit Company in Tanzania and a Registered Charity in the UK and USA.

This years fundraising event took place back on 26th March and as you can imagine Tom Hartley Jnr jumped at the chance of offering them a helping hand with their live auction! Lot no. 9 was kindly donated and entailed a day with Tom Hartley Jnr, a drive in some of his cars followed by lunch. Our congratulations went out to the successful bidders, a member of the Agnelli family (Fiat) in Italy and the Managing Partner of Tanto Capital Partners LLP, we look forward to welcoming them to our premises in the not so distant future!