Tom Hartley Jnr has a lifetime of passion, knowledge and expertise invested in the classic car market.  The company’s ability to source the finest cars from anywhere in the world is unrivalled, making the quality of the stock truly unbeatable for anybody seeking an investment grade classic car. Nearly all of the stock offered by Tom Hartley Jnr is owned by the business, thus ensuring total quality control, faultless vehicle presentation, exceptional service and seamless transactions. 

Occasionally, in certain circumstances, the business will conduct commission sales. If you have a car to sell and this is your preferred route to market, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements. 

Help & Advice

We pride ourselves in the help and advice that we are freely able to offer anybody wishing to learn more about the classic car market and how to purchase the right vehicle. Click ‘here’ to visit our expert advice page. 

Many of the classic cars on offer can be purchased using a variety of funding options. Click here to contact us.